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Connecticut Young Adult Offender Unit Housing Project 

06-18-2018 16:59

Program Description

Byrne JAG funds initially supported the Young Adult Offender Unit, a new housing project within a state prison to service young adult offenders between the ages of 18 and 25. The mission of the Unit is to incorporate progressive correctional practices and re-entry strategies that help young adult offenders acquire and maintain the necessary skills to become successful and law-abiding members of society. Funds were used to support the development of a customized training curriculum targeted to corrections officers who are supervising and staffing the new unit. The curriculum is based on a new model for supervising young offenders with a greater focus on skills development and mental health issues and builds a team approach to the corrections process.

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Offenders; Education; Supervision; Behavioral Health; Life Skills Training; Recidivism; Mental Illness


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