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Terry Reilly Health Services, Mentally Ill Offender Community Transition Program, Idaho 

06-19-2018 14:30

Program Description

The Terry Reilly Health Services Mentally Ill Offender Community Transition Program provides comprehensive, wrap around medical and behavioral health services to moderate and/or high-risk offenders from state correction facilities who are re-entering the Boise/Ada County area. The program provides pre- and post-release services. Pre-release services are delivered within three months of release and include assessments and treatment planning. Post-release services include a mental health case manager, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, mental health/chemical dependency counselor, a medical provider, and probation and parole officers. The case manager provides: a) services to identify and eliminate barriers to increase patient consistency and compliance with medical, dental, and behavioral health care; b) maintain collaborative linkages with other programs that serve the same population, (e.g., health care providers, local social services agencies, shelter providers, housing services); c) arrange transportation, as needed, to support clients access to medical, dental, and behavioral health services; d) assist patients in the completion of paperwork associated with their health care, including but not limited to Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Patient Assistance Program, and external specialty programs. Psychiatrist staff see each client at least quarterly to update treatment plans. Psychiatric nurse practitioners provide medication management for clients who are taking behavioral health medications. 

Agency and Program Information


Mental Illness; Social Work; Case Management; Reentry


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