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Salt Lake County Expungement Project 

02-21-2019 15:40

Program Description

In Utah, Byrne JAG funds support Salt Lake County's effort to make the expungement process more affordable and accessible to residents across the state. Byrne JAG funding will be used for three primary purposes; (1) to develop an online portal that will allow individuals to submit expungement petitions online; (2) to fund a part-time Expungement Navigator position, this person will be responsible for assisting any individual in Salt Lake County in need of expungement services, as well as screening individual cases, assisting with eligibility determination and application, and answering questions about next steps for individuals moving through this process; and (3) to cover the cost of the Utah expungement application and certificate fees for individuals who qualify for financial support. 

Agency Information

State Agency Administrator: Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice


Operations; Technology Improvement; Case Management 


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