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New York Nonfatal Shooting Incident Demonstration Project 

06-28-2018 15:31

Program Description

Recognizing that non-fatal shootings are typically solved and prosecuted at much lower rates than homicide cases, New York DCJS is using Byrne JAG funds to support a demonstration project in two jurisdictions aimed at ensuring the comprehensive investigation of all non-fatal shooting cases. The project focuses on bullet-to-body shootings, but other confirmed shooting cases where intended victims were not struck may be included on a case-by-case basis. The demonstration project devotes particular attention to circumstances where victims are uncooperative, with emphasis on the “evidence-based” prosecution mindset that is often used in domestic violence cases. Funding supports investigator positions, a crime analyst position, laboratory analysis of key evidence, and an academic researcher to evaluate the project. A local police department will partner with a district attorney’s office to develop documented investigative and prosecutorial protocols to use in these cases and for purposes of program evaluation.

Agency Information

State Administering Agency: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services


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