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New Mexico Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces 

06-27-2018 22:09

Program Description

Byrne JAG funds support all violent crime related facets of the criminal justice system throughout the state that included Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Forces (MJTFs) that were specific in targeting violent criminal offenses, violent fugitives and violent gang members. Task forces are one of the most effective law enforcement structures to address complex drug trafficking organizations and cross jurisdictional investigations. The task forces collaborate with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, HIDTA, ATF, and ICE. Byrne JAG funding allows states, localities, and tribal nations the opportunity to address their most pressing public safety challenges, fill funding gaps, leverage other resources, and work across city, county and state lines.

Agency Information

State Administering Agency: New Mexico Department of Public Safety


Gangs; Drugs; Gang; Interdiction; Law Enforcement; MJTF; Narcotics; Organized Crime; Police; Policing; Task Force; Trafficking; Violent Crime


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