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Nebraska African Aid Initiative 

06-18-2018 12:21

Program Description

The African Aid Initiative (AAI) is a non-profit agency that acts as an agent of change to educate, empower, and engage the war-ravaged refugee youth population from Africa. One of the AAI central goals is to reduce the rate of criminal activity among the refugee youth. AAI strives to strengthen families, encourage parental involvement in school and offer youth programing. With the assistance of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln AAI succeeded in these efforts during the last year by developing a state-of –the-art mentoring program that currently involves 40 refugee youth. The program is under development and moving toward an evidence-based practice standard.

Agency Information

State Administering Agency: Nebraska Crime Commission

Additional Resource(s)

(News article) University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Education and Human Sciences discusses work with African refugees (Eller, 2017)


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