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Montana National Incident-Based Reporting Initiative 

06-25-2018 14:09

Program Description

Montana’s Board of Crime Control formerly used Byrne JAG funds to revamp its National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) repository. Operation of the Montana Incident-Based Reporting System (MTIBRS) is now supported using state general funding.  MTIBRS is used by 99 percent of local law enforcement agencies statewide to collect accurate and timely NIRBS data from law enforcement, including drug task forces throughout the state. The online repository provides a secure way for local agencies to enter or import crime data and allows local agencies and the public to generate incident-based crime statistics. Users can see reports based on offense, offender/arrestee, victim, and property data elements or create custom reports using data back to 2005. Also, drug task force activity can be easily separated and distinguished from other law enforcement activities.

Agency Information

State Agency Administrator: Montana Board of Crime Control


Evidence; Laboratory; Data Management; Police; Policing


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