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Nash County Sheriff’s Office Gang and Drug Task Force 

06-29-2018 14:26

Program Description

Byrne JAG funds support the Nash County Sheriff’s Office Gang and Drug Task Force. This project allows law enforcement agencies within the 7th prosecutorial district to work efficiently with surrounding jurisdictions, save on labor costs and increase effective interagency communication. Since 2014, the Nash County Sheriff’s Office alone has seized almost three quarters of a million dollars in controlled substances. Additionally, this program creates the opportunity for real time information sharing of investigated gangs and drug trafficking organizations among partnered law enforcement agencies which increases both officer and public safety. Since its initial funding is 2016, this program has yielded extremely positive results for communities across North Carolina and is now being assessed as the new model for task forces throughout the state.

Agency Information


Drugs; Gang; Gangs; Law Enforcement; Narcotics; Organized Crime; Policing; Police; Prosecution; Task Forces


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