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Missouri Office of Prosecution Services Witness Protection Program 

06-25-2018 13:56

Program Description

Byrne JAG funds support the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services Witness Protection Program. In Missouri, a key part to the successful apprehension and prosecution of criminals is a cooperative witness and/or victim. The Witness Protection Program provides security to witnesses, potential witnesses and their immediate families in criminal proceedings or investigations pending against a person alleged to have violated a state law. Providing safety for witnesses may include provision of housing and for the health, safety and welfare of witnesses and their immediate families if testimony by a witness might subject the witness or an immediate family member to danger of bodily injury and may continue so long as such danger exists. Costs associated with this project can include, but are not limited to: housing costs, hotel nights, meals and/ or transportation or mileage. These costs are important to this program due to the need for witnesses to be relocated or receive temporary housing during the duration of a case that is working through the criminal justice system.

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Victims; Survivors; Law Enforcement


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