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Minnesota Recidivism Reduction Programs 

06-25-2018 12:59

Program Description

Byrne JAG supports eight recidivism reduction programs that provide pre-and post-release services to a variety of populations including men, women, and juveniles around the state. Programming is based on evidence-based practices and includes wrap around services, cognitive peer coaching, case management to address stable housing, mental health, substance abuse, employment, etc.

One program, the Domestic Violence Restorative Circles (DVRC) program with Men As Peacemakers addresses offenders’ issues and helps them transition back to the community through restorative justice circles, making victims and the community safer. System partners express a high degree of satisfaction with the program, feel that DVRC increases offender accountability, is responsive to the needs of victims, provides valuable information to systems partners, and seems the most impactful option available to change offender thinking and behavior. The program has been highly successful in community engagement, with 96 active volunteers. To date, no one has recidivated with a violent domestic violence offense; and only one participant violated a no contact order while in the program. 

Agency and Program Information


Reentry; EBP; Corrections; Public Safety; Behavioral Health


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