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Michigan Secure Cities Partnership 

06-25-2018 12:32

Program Description

Formerly funded by Byrne JAG, the Michigan Secure Cities Partnership (SCP) program is now supported by state and local funding. The SCP program works to reduce crime and increase public safety in 10 high-crime cities in Michigan, including Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw. The Michigan State Police (MSP) initiated direct patrols in each of the SCP cities using real-time crime data and crime analytics, which has resulted in decreased crime in the SCP cities. MSP has worked with local law enforcement to enhance their ability to use data, mapping, and analytics to inform their enforcement strategies. Byrne JAG funds were also made available for crime analysts, as well as to prosecution-led major case squads that direct prosecution and enforcement resources towards the most violent offenders in these cities.

Agency Information

State Agency Administrator: Michigan Department of State Police

Additional Resource(s)

(Program Evaluation): Michigan Secure Cities Partnership (SCP) Report (2017)


Crime Reduction; Data; Violent Crime; Policing; Police; Law Enforcement


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