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Maine Drug Enforcement Agency 

06-21-2018 14:55

Program Description

Byrne JAG funds support the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, which provides a central administrative structure for the establishment, coordination and oversight of specialized narcotics and narcotics-related investigative units within the state of Maine. This approach has been proven to be one of the most effective tools in proactively addressing the proliferation of illegal drug distribution. With limited resources, the majority of participating departments are not able to assign officers full-time to a drug task force. Byrne JAG funds support six of the 57 Drug Enforcement Agency positions.  The goals of this project are to: disrupt the market for illegal drugs by investigating drug distribution activities and reduce availability of drugs; enhance the ability of law enforcement to detect and apprehend drug traffickers by improving coordination and communication among criminal justice agencies; and broaden awareness to trends, threats, myths, and consequences associated with the illicit drug market.

Agency and Program Information


MJTF; Drugs; Police; Policing; Interdiction; Investigation


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