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Lincoln Police Department Community Cleanup 

06-15-2018 11:38

Program Description

In consultation with the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, the Lincoln Police Department launched a “community cleanup” project in several Lincoln neighborhoods to improve community policing and decrease crime and violent crime.

The goal of this intervention is to make residents aware of the police presence, clean up disorderly properties and promote a sense that the police are protecting community interests. Several activities make up the police intervention including: 1) engaging the residents in “knock and talk” discussions, 2) warning property owners about problem properties including writing Disorderly House letters when necessary, 3) holding community meetings to discuss the neighborhood, 4) holding community picnics and social gatherings, 5) enforcing current property and housing laws, and 6) mapping the intervention areas and saturating them with police officers.

Agency and Program Information

Additional Resource(s)

Tips for a Successful Neighborhood Cleanup (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


Clean Up; Community; Police; Policing; Law Enforcement; Vandalism; Neighborhood; Police-Community; Violent Crime


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