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Jackson County Drug Abatement Response Team 

06-25-2018 13:53

Program Description

In Missouri, funds support the Jackson County Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) which represents a multi-jurisdictional initiative that provides comprehensive enforcement services to Jackson County residents in an effort to identify and shut down drug houses and street level narcotics operations. DART provides an interagency mechanism through which residents throughout the 13 municipal jurisdictions in Jackson County can report illegal narcotics activity. DART personnel take suspected drug activity, primarily anonymously, and communicate the information to the appropriate law enforcement agency for confirmation. Investigations are conducted, operations are shut down and sellers are arrested and prosecuted. DART activities include the coordination of property inspections for housing and fire code violations. In addition, DART engages, otherwise often uninformed, property owners of the drug activity and works with them in an effort to eliminate whatever factors led to the drug activity. However, in certain circumstances when property owners fail to take corrective action or in severe cases, drug properties are subject to expedited eviction, nuisance, and forfeiture actions. Finally, DART members attend community meetings to engage the community in discussions related to criminal drug activity, its toll on the community, and actions that can fight its effects. 

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