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Georgia Byrne Innovative Communities Program 

06-19-2018 12:17

Program Description

Georgia Byrne Innovative Communities grant program that responds to local needs and provides three communities with the necessary resources to address complex criminal justice issues within their localities. Each community addresses a specific systemic criminal justice issue: 1) a local RSAT initiative that focuses on state prisoners who have a history of substance abuse and are slated to exit the correctional system in the Hall County area; 2) a DeKalb County Gang Reduction Intervention Program for the creation of a robust investigative files system to enhance gang investigations and facilitate the sharing of intelligence with state and local law enforcement agencies; 3) support of the Clayton County Public School System in training school personnel on identifying juvenile trafficking victims and other at-risk juveniles. 

Agency Information

State Agency Administrator: Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 


Community; Gangs; Drugs; Information Sharing; Investigation; Police; Policing; At-Risk Youth


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