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Tennessee Department of Corrections Reentry Transportation Services

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support the Tennessee Department of Corrections project to provide temporary transportation services to assist with access to critical reentry services for probationers and parolees with revoked licenses for up to 30 days. Services are intended to reduce...

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South Carolina's Enhancing PREA Project

Program Description Byrne JAG funds were used to support the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) and the Department of Juvenile Justice to come into compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards by establishing a zero-tolerance culture for sexual abuse through...

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Surveillance Officer Support for Northwest Kansas Community Corrections Substance Abuse Treatment

Program Description Kansas used Byrne JAG to one surveillance officer and contracting support for substance abuse treatment facilitators, probationers and parolees through the Northwest Kansas Community Corrections, which covers three judicial jurisdictions. A proven track record of low...

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Four County Mental Health, Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Program Description Four County Mental Health (FCMHC) uses Byrne JAG funds to provide comprehensive mental health services to the citizens of Chautauqua, Cowley, Elk, Montgomery, and Wilson counties. The program targets approximately 200 members of the correctional population or at-risk...

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Connecticut Young Adult Offender Unit Housing Project

Program Description Byrne JAG funds initially supported the Young Adult Offender Unit, a new housing project within a state prison to service young adult offenders between the ages of 18 and 25. The mission of the Unit is to incorporate progressive correctional practices and re-entry strategies...

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Washoe County Reentry Services

Program Description Byrne JAG funds support reentry services for individuals returning to Washoe County following incarceration. Funds support transitional housing, drug treatment and supportive employment services through two local non-profits. Agency and Program Information State...

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San Diego County Juvenile Diversion Initiative

Program Description Byrne JAG funds in San Diego County helped to provide a continuum of detention alternatives to juvenile offenders who do not require secure detention, which includes assessment, referral, case advocacy, home detention, reporting centers, non-secure shelter, intensive case...

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Contra Costa County Youth Justice Initiative

Program Description Contra Costa County has used Byrne JAG funds to support the implementation of the Youth Justice Initiative, a project devoted to advancing optimal outcomes for at-risk youth and youth involved in the juvenile justice system. The School Success Team advances school-wide...

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Nebraska Department of Corrections Transitional Housing Initiative

Program Description JAG funds support the Nebraska Department of Corrections in launching its second year of providing housing vouchers to parolees leaving the institution so that they can obtain appropriate and stable housing to assist them in transition from prison back into the community. ...