This is a quick reference for navigating the Connect2Justice website. First-time users are encouraged to watch this 9-minute video tutorial.

For technical assistance, please contact Janene Scelza, NCJA Web Manager.

About Connect2Justice

Connect2Justice (C2J) is an online peer-to-peer network for National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) members or employees of member agencies and organizations. Non-members have limited access to the website.

If you need assistance using this website, please contact Janene Scelza, NCJA Web Manager.

Use Connect2Justice to:

  • Engage in conversation with other members and NCJA staff;
  • Browse and upload files to a shared library;
  • Browse and post upcoming events to a community calendar;
  • Conduct committee business;
  • Search for and contact other NCJA members; and
  • Find funding opportunities.


Logging in to the Website

You will need to log in to the website to post to the discussion forums, resource libraries, and event calendars; search the member directory; and browse funding opportunities in the Short Takes library.

Click the Sign In link at the top right of the website to log in to the website. Your username is the email address associated with your NCJA membership. Forgot your password? Click here

Need to change contact information? Log in to the Members Only section using the same username and password, then click My Account > View/Edit Profile.


My Profile

Click the Profile link in the Welcome Box (you must be logged in) to view your C2J profile page.

By default, your profile page displays the following items:

  • Profile photo;
  • Contact information;
  • Personal bio;
  • Links to social media accounts;
  • NCJA contacts;
  • Private messages (if any);
  • Member networks;
  • Communities to which you are subscribed; and
  • Your discussion posts, shared files, and blog posts.

To configure what information displays on your page, go to: My Profile > My Privacy Settings.

Users not logged into the website can only view a member’s profile photo, name and bio.

Set up your profile page: click the sprocket icons to add, edit or delete your profile photo, bio, links to your social media accounts, and details about your honors and awards, professional associations, education, and job history. You can import this information directly from a LinkedIn account (if you have one) by clicking update your information from LinkedIn®.


Member Directory

You must log in to the website to view the member directory.

To browse members, go to C2J Open Forum and click the Members tab. You can search the directory by a member’s first name, last name, company name and email address. For advanced search options, click the Directory tab in the main navigation menu. 

Click on a member’s name or profile photo to view their profile page. Unless privacy settings for an individual are configured otherwise, you will be able to send a member a private message, add him or her as a contact, and download his or her contact information to Outlook (click the Download my vCard link).



The Connect2Justice website is organized around communities. Each community has its own members, discussion forum, resource library, and event calendar. NCJA members may belong to more than one community. Click the Communities link in the Welcome Box at the top right to view your communities.

Communities on C2J are described below:

C2J Open Forum

  • Open to all NCJA members and persons receiving members benefits;
  • Content is visible to all C2J users; and
  • Member directory is available only to community members.

SAA Forum

  • Open only to SAAs;
  • All content is visible only to community members; and
  • Member directory is available only to community members.

Governance Communities

  • Open to governance committee members and NCJA staff;
  • Privacy settings varies (click the link to view descriptions and access community dashboards).


Discussion Forums

Only members of a community may post content to a community’s discussion forum.  Below are instructions for posting and replying to discussions via the website. Turn on email notifications to respond by email.

Post a New Message

  1. Click the Post New Message button located at the top right of the discussion forum dashboard to compose a new message. (Turn on email notifications to post by email).
  2. Enter information in the fields as instructed.
  3. Select communities to display your message. Note: only members of a community may post content to that community.
  4. Ignore the Send to All Discussions check box.
  5. Click the green Attach button at the bottom of the editor to attach any files.
  6. Click the blue Send button to post your message or click the white Cancel button to discard your draft.

Reply to a Discussion or Author

  1. Click Reply to Discussion located in the menu to the right of a message to post your reply to the discussion thread. Click Reply to Sender to reply by private message to that author. Enter information in the fields as instructed.
  2. Click the Attach button to attach any files to your message.
  3. Click the Send button to post your message to the Forum.

Privacy settings for communities vary; content may be set to private, visible only to members of the community, or it may be public. (See the Communities section).

Subscription Settings

Go to My Profile > My Settings to configure email notification settings for discussions posted to each of your communities. Notifications can be sent in real-time or as a daily digest.

Turn on notifications to post and reply to discussions directly via email instead of the website.


Resource Library

Community members may upload files to the shared library. The library dashboard shows a summary of each library entry organized by date posted. To download a file, click the icon located under the attachment summary heading or click the title of an entry to view further information and access additional files attached to the entry, if any.

To add a file to the library:

  1. Click the green Create New Library Entry button located at the top of the library dashboard.
  2. Enter information into the fields as instructed.
  3. Select the community library to post your entry.
  4. Select the file type. If uploading standard files such as documents, slideshows, or audio and video files, you can attach multiple files to your entry. See below for accepted file formats.
  5. Enter information about the file as instructed.
  6. Click the green Finish button to post your entry or white Cancel button to discard your draft.

To edit or delete your entry: click the title of your entry, then click Edit or Delete in the Actions Menu.

File formats and file size:

You can upload multiple files to a library entry. Files cannot exceed 1GB. The following file types are supported:

•  3G2 and 3GP Mobile Video
•  AI Illustrator Vector Graphic
•  AVI Video File
•  BMP Bitmap Image
•  DOC, DOCX, DOT and DOTX MS Word Document
•  EPS Encapsulated Postscript
•  F4V and FLV Flash Video File
•  GIF Image
•  GZ GNU Zip Archive
•  HTM and HTML Page
•  ICO Icon Image
•  JPG and JPEG Image
•  M4A Flash Audio File
•  M4V Video
•  MOV QuickTime Movie
•  MP3 Audio
•  MP4, MP4V, MPE, MPEG and MPG Video File
•  MPP MS Project Plan
•  MPT MS Project Template
•  MPV MS Project View
•  MPX MS Project Exchange
•  MSG MS Outlook Message
•  Adobe PDF File
•  PNG Image
•  PPS, PPSX, PPT and PPTX MS PowerPoint
•  PSD Photoshop Format
•  RA and RAM Real Audio
•  RTF (Rich Text Format) File
•  SWF Flash Movie
•  TIFF Image
•  TXT Text File
•  WAV Audio File
•  WMA and WMV Windows Media Audio
•  WPD Word Perfect Document
•  WRI Windows Write Document
•  XLS and XLSX MS Excel Spreadsheet
•  XLT and XLTX MS Excel Template
•  XML Extensible Markup Language
•  PNG Image
•  ZIP WINZIP Archive


Event Calendar

Each community has an event calendar. Entries are displayed as a chronological list. To search the calendar by key term, use the search field located in the top right.

To post an event:

  1. Please check that your event is not already listed on the calendar. If not already posted, click the Add an Event button located in the top right (you must be logged in).
  2. Enter information into the fields as instructed.
  3. For events in which anyone may attend, please post to the C2J Open Forum community, as this calendar is available to all C2J users.
  4. Disregard the Event Visibility options.
  5. If you are the primary contact for the event, click the Insert My Contact Information button to automatically import your name, phone number and email address.
  6. Enter the description and provide links to the event and/or registration page as instructed.
  7. You may attach logos or additional files to the entry.
  8. Click Finish to post your library entry or Cancel to discard your draft.


Short Takes Funding Library

The National Criminal Justice Association compiles criminal justice funding opportunities, which can be found in the Short Takes grants library. Only NCJA members and those receiving member benefits can access this library.

To view the Short Takes library click the Short Takes tab in the main navigation menu (you must be logged in). Funding announcements in the library are organized by topic. Read the Using Short Takes for more information about this library.