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Criminal Justice Sharing Initiative

On this page is a description of the statewide criminal justice information sharing initiative (CJIS) and point of contact (POC) as identified by the State Administering Agency (SAA) Director.  We  recognize that there are also other key state POCs involved in information sharing that represent the various disciplines within criminal justice.  We have included POC information provided through the SAA and/or and represented on various organizations (such as NLETS, NASCIO, SEARCH and the NCSC.)  Recognizing that these agencies spend considerable time maintaining their membership lists up to date, we have provided links to access those membership lists directly from their respective websites below.

Please note:  At a future point, we would like to highlight local and tribal information sharing initiatives within states.   Please contact Tammy Woodhams at if you have a recommended change to the data provided for your state or would like to add information about your local initiative.

Criminal Justice Sharing Contact Information

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Justice Information Sharing Organization: The Public Safety Information Security and Information Sharing Group within the Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) is the organizational entity that oversees the eJusticeNY Integrated Justice Portal and other justice information sharing projects.

Director: The New York State Public Safety Chief Information Officer, Art Schloth, oversees this function.  The Public Safety CIO reports to the NYS Chief Information Officer, Maggie Miller.  

About: The purpose and goals of the Public Safety Cluster are to improve criminal justice services, maximize resources and ensure that all criminal justice technology systems remain secure and operable. The three key objectives established to meet these goals are:

•  Improve access to public safety systems through a new integrated justice portal that will consolidate all functions of NYSPIN (the State Police Information Network), Corrections and Community Supervision, Homeland Security, and eJusticeNY;

•  Develop a business model to facilitate integration of public safety information and technology with an integrated budget process to achieve savings and efficiencies; and

•  Develop a technical model for enterprise standards for public safety services to facilitate agency efficiencies and future consolidation efforts.

To improve the administration of justice by ensuring that information needed to support the public is available when and where it is needed through a single portal.

Created: These functions were previously overseen by the Integrated Justice Advisory Board (IJAB), which was established in 2004 to recognize the need to ensure system reliability and uninterrupted service of the State’s criminal justice systems.  In 2012, the Public Safety Cluster of OITS superseded the IJAB when information technology functions were consolidated into an enterprise wide organization for all New York State agencies.

Governance Details: The Public Safety Cluster functions under the direction of Deputy Secretary for Public Safety, Terry O’Leary, and State CIO Maggie Miller. Public Safety information technology projects require approval as part of the funding and budgeting process. This occurs through a Cluster Executive Board that is overseen by the Deputy Secretary for Public Safety. In addition to the Deputy Secretary and the State CIO, the Board includes the Public Safety CIO and the commissioners from the Department of Correctional and Community Services, the Division of State Police, Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.  The Office of Victim Services, Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Commission of Correction and the Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders are represented on the review board by DCJS.  

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