New Mexico

Criminal Justice Sharing Initiative

On this page is a description of the statewide criminal justice information sharing initiative (CJIS) and point of contact (POC) as identified by the State Administering Agency (SAA) Director.  We  recognize that there are also other key state POCs involved in information sharing that represent the various disciplines within criminal justice.  We have included POC information provided through the SAA and/or and represented on various organizations (such as NLETS, NASCIO, SEARCH and the NCSC.)  Recognizing that these agencies spend considerable time maintaining their membership lists up to date, we have provided links to access those membership lists directly from their respective websites below.

Please note:  At a future point, we would like to highlight local and tribal information sharing initiatives within states.   Please contact Tammy Woodhams at if you have a recommended change to the data provided for your state or would like to add information about your local initiative.

Criminal Justice Sharing Contact Information

Web Site:

Justice Information Sharing Organization: The New Mexico Sentencing Commission (NMSC), Justice Information Sharing Council (JISC)

Tony Ortiz, Director of NMSC

Secondary POC:
Michael Hall, Chairman, and JISC

JISC started as a coordinating body between all the member agencies to promote criminal justice data sharing. The JISC system is made up of two main portals, both implemented with functional security. First, the JIS Public Portal is designed as a single-source portal for the public to find information from the participating criminal justice agencies (e.g., sex offender registry, the Department of Corrections offender search, judiciary case lookup, judiciary DWI offender histories). Second, the Consolidated Offender Query (COQ) is a Web-based application that allows criminal justice personnel to improve public safety and their own safety. The application gathers information from criminal justice agencies and displays the information in an easy-to-use format. The Consolidated Offender Query (COQ) was previously supported by the Administrative Office of the District Attorneys and the Administrative Office of the Courts but is now supported by the Department of Public Safety (NMDPS). Enquiries for account requests go to the NMDPS Support Desk by calling (505) 827-3413

Created: From approximately 1997 to 2006, JISC was an informal group made up of the chief information officers from the Department of Public Safety, Department of Corrections, and Children, Youth and Families Department, as well as district attorneys, public defenders, and members of the judiciary. Tribes are also represented as adjunct members. NMSC and the Motor Vehicles Division became voting JISC members in 2005 and 2006, respectively. The 2006 New Mexico legislative session passed a bill that officially created JISC as a subset of NMSC.

Governance Details: JISC has no standalone authority. It makes recommendations to NMSC, which can in turn bring initiatives to the governor and legislature. It is a coordinating body between all the member agencies.