Criminal Justice Sharing Initiative

On this page is a description of the statewide criminal justice information sharing initiative (CJIS) and point of contact (POC) as identified by the State Administering Agency (SAA) Director.  We  recognize that there are also other key state POCs involved in information sharing that represent the various disciplines within criminal justice.  We have included POC information provided through the SAA and/or and represented on various organizations (such as NLETS, NASCIO, SEARCH and the NCSC.)  Recognizing that these agencies spend considerable time maintaining their membership lists up to date, we have provided links to access those membership lists directly from their respective websites below.

Please note:  At a future point, we would like to highlight local and tribal information sharing initiatives within states.   Please contact Tammy Woodhams at twoodhams@ncja.org if you have a recommended change to the data provided for your state or would like to add information about your local initiative.

Criminal Justice Sharing Contact Information

Website: http://www.accesskansas.org/kbi/about/informationtech.shtml  or http://kslawenforcementinfo.com/kcjis.html 

Justice Information Sharing Organization: Kansas Criminal Justice Information System (KCJIS)

Director: Gordon Lansford, appointed by the Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (KCJCC)

About: KCJIS provides access to vital, time-sensitive information from national and state criminal justice databases on a secure and reliable network. All criminal justice agencies in Kansas have access to KCJIS via KANWIN, the Kansas State Network, or via the Internet. Through KCJIS all criminal justice and law enforcement agencies have access to information sources such as the National Crime Information center (NCIC) wanted persons, known gang and terrorists, and stolen property files. State driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and criminal histories are also among the many information sources available to authorized KCJIS agencies and users. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) oversees the core of KCJIS including telecommunications and security as well as many Kansas databases. KCJIS is a distributed system in that each agency providing information maintains its’ own information and is responsible for its accuracy. Support of KCJIS at the KBI includes the KCJIS Communications/Help Desk, which provides communications and 7x24 technical support for over 1200 criminal justice agencies and approximately 9800 individual users that rely on information available via the KCJIS network.

KCJIS serves the criminal justice community by developing new and effective technologies, facilitating and coordinating state and local data sharing systems, cooperating with every served agency, promoting technology standards, and providing information that enables the criminal justice community to continually improve public safety.

Created: KCJIS was created by the Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (K.S.A. 74-9501) in 1996. KCJIS became operational in 1998 and its powers and duties were constituted in statute in 2003 by K.S.A.74-5701, 74-5703, 74-5703, 74-5704, 74-5705 & 74-5706.

Governance Details:
KCJIS is governed by the KCJIS Committee, a supervisory committee composed of an 11-member voting section, including both state and local agencies representing all segments of the criminal justice community. The KCJIS Committee is responsible for establishing the policies and rules governing the operation of the system and its users. The KCJIS Policy and Procedure Manual defines all aspects of the use of the system and the information it provides to users. The KCJIS Committee consists of representatives of state and local law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, corrections, juvenile justice, and 911 centers.

Additional State Contacts:

Nlets members:https://www.nlets.org/our-members

NASCIO state profiles:http://www.nascio.org/aboutNASCIO/profiles/

SEARCH membership group:http://www.search.org/about/membership/

National Center for State Courts - state court websites: http://www.ncsc.org/Information-and-Resources/Browse-by-State/State-Court-Websites.aspx

Court Technology Association: http://www.correctionstech.org/about/members.htm (member list not available to non-members)