Criminal Justice Sharing Initiative

On this page is a description of the statewide criminal justice information sharing initiative (CJIS) and point of contact (POC) as identified by the State Administering Agency (SAA) Director.  We  recognize that there are also other key state POCs involved in information sharing that represent the various disciplines within criminal justice.  We have included POC information provided through the SAA and/or and represented on various organizations (such as NLETS, NASCIO, SEARCH and the NCSC.)  Recognizing that these agencies spend considerable time maintaining their membership lists up to date, we have provided links to access those membership lists directly from their respective websites below.

Please note:  At a future point, we would like to highlight local and tribal information sharing initiatives within states.   Please contact Tammy Woodhams at if you have a recommended change to the data provided for your state or would like to add information about your local initiative.

Criminal Justice Sharing Contact Information

Web Site:

Justice Information Sharing Organization: The Department of Public Safety, Records and Identification Bureau

Director: Kathryn Monfreda, Bureau Chief

About: The Criminal Records and Identification Bureau maintains Alaska’s criminal history records and fingerprint identification data. The Alaska Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AAFIS) verifies the identity of persons arrested and matches latent prints from crime scenes with prints on file. AAFIS is a participant in the nine-state Western Identification Network, which shares a fingerprint database.

Mission: Maintain and disseminate complete, accurate and timely criminal history record information. 

Created: The Criminal Justice Information Advisory Board and the central repository (Records and Identification Bureau) were created in accordance with Alaska Statutes 12.62.100–110, which became effective July 1, 1995. Prior to that, the Governor’s Commission on Administration of Justice was authorized by statute (since repealed) to adopt regulations and procedures considered necessary to facilitate and regulate the exchange of criminal justice information and to ensure the security and privacy of criminal justice information systems.

Governance Details: The Criminal Justice Information Advisory Board advises the Department of Public Safety and other criminal justice agencies on matters pertaining to the development and operation of Alaska’s central criminal justice data repository and other criminal justice information systems. The board includes nine representatives from law enforcement, prosecution, the Department of Health and Social Services, the Department of Administration, the Alaskan citizenry, and the Alaska Judicial Council, an independent citizen’s commission that screens judicial appointees and evaluates judges.

Additional State Contacts:

Nlets members:

NASCIO state profiles:

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National Center for State Courts - state court websites:

Court Technology Association: (member list not available to non-members)