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Less thank 10k Allocations

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    Posted 07-31-2018 10:31
    Good Morning:

    I was wondering if any of the other SAA's would mind sharing their strategies for how they handle their less than 10 k allocations for Byrne JAG? I have asked other states in the past and I get a different answer each time. Just looking to see if their is a way to improve our methods.


    Brian Forster
    Public Safety Programs Supervisor
    AL Department of Economic & Community Affairs

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    Posted 08-01-2018 12:22
    Hi Brian,
    In Arizona, we allocate the "less than $10,000" amount to the state police department. We look for projects that provide a benefit or some level of service to those "less than $10,000" jurisdictions. Currently, this funding is supporting forensic drug analysis conducted in the state Department of Public Safety's crime lab. Our state crime lab is statutorily required to provide crime lab services to all jurisdictions, and we believe this provision justifies meeting the requirement that allows an award to "state police departments that provide criminal justice services to the less than $10,000 jurisdictions within the state." The funding is part of a competitive grant process, and the state DPS applies for the funding each year. We would consider any project proposed by the DPS but they have chosen to submit a forensic drug crime lab project each year. We also consider from a fiscal perspective it makes much more sense. For the FY 2017 grant, our less than $10,000 amount was about $234,000. The amounts ranged from $55 to $9,200, with an average of about $2,800, and included 82 agencies. We considered the administrative burden to those 82 agencies and us of passing through the funding versus granting the funding to DPS who provides crime lab services to those jurisdictions. The current project is funding 5 criminalists in the lab.

    Anthony Vidale
    Deputy Director, Program Manager
    AZ Criminal Justice Commission

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    Posted 08-01-2018 14:32
    ​Hi Brian!

    We actually use two different formulas for Byrne JAG, one for our state award and one for the less than $10K direct awards. The data set for the less than $10K is Part I UCR with minimum and maximum allocations that distribute funds based on proportion of crime across those jurisdictions. 

    The state award formula is a little more complex and defined in our Administrative Rule.   The data sets include UCR offense data, specific categories of arrest data, and population data; and the formula accounts for rate, trend, and magnitude.

    I've asked our JAG folks to pull some background information and we'll get it over to you.


    Petrina T. Herring
    Bureau Chief, Criminal Justice Grants
    FL Department of Law Enforcement