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research on changes in federal policy and positions?

  • 1.  research on changes in federal policy and positions?

    Posted 04-21-2017 16:09
    Hi NCJAers!
    I am wondering if anyone has collected and distilled "new policy"  or positions in criminal justice since the start of the new administration?  It seems as if collecting information from the media that impacts state and local justice agencies could be a start.  I am less interested in funding impacts but rather seeing a distilled list of positions.  It also could be too soon.  However, media stories seem to be impacting folks at the line level and likely community folks.  People can or may be changing behavior -- less likely or willing to interact with local law enforcement -- based on what they "think" are new and universal policies.   Seeing a list of collected positions could be a start to understanding behaviors.
    Thanks for any ideas.

    Christine Cole
    VP - Executive Director
    Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ