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JAG'18 Awards

  • 1.  JAG'18 Awards

    Posted 02-28-2018 11:16
    Has anyone heard if Congress is considering adding a line or two to the next budget restricting DOJ from adding the additional sanctuary jurisdiction requirements to the FFY'18 awards?

    A number of our sub-recipients are barely hanging in there, but will probably pull the plug if there is no assurance that there will be future (FFY'18) funding available at the normal award time.

    William Johnston
    Program Manager
    WA Department of Commerce

  • 2.  RE: JAG'18 Awards

    Posted 02-28-2018 11:34
    Great question, Bill!  We have raised this issue with congressional staff.  I don't have a good sense yet of whether they feel able to do it or not.  I will let everyone know as we get closer to a final FY18 appropriations bill.

    The most important thing is for grantees to let DOJ know when the delay is reaching a crisis stage.  Feel free to send any statements of impact to us and we can forward them onto BJA.  We are trying to communicate the impact clearly as we hear them.


    Elizabeth Pyke
    Director of Government Affairs
    National Criminal Justice Association