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Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site Base Program Solicitation

  • 1.  Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site Base Program Solicitation

    Posted 04-24-2019 12:40
    Good Afternoon and Good Morning Members of NCJA:

    This is Navin in North Carolina and we have been reviewing the recent COAP Application.  I know this has been discussed some at the Forum and various NCJA events, but North Carolina has never (to our knowledge) applied for this.  We are interested, but we needed some insight on the best approach.  Some of you are recipients of this award and we simply just want to know what the best approach to this is.  What is the best category for an SAA office to apply under, what things are important to have in place or know prior to applying, what teams and partners have you all used in this process and did the SAA essentially partner with another state or local agency or did this on their own.  Granted these are basic questions, but I believe any insight to this will help us make a determination on how to approach this.  We are aware that this is an issue that is near to everyone and every state is struggling with these issues.   If anyone out there can shed some light on this, please feel free to reach out to us and also feel free to call me at (919) 899-9191.

    Thank you everyone for your help on this.

    Navin Puri
    Senior Criminal Justice Planner
    NC Governor's Crime Commission