An Online Member Community

Connect2Justice (C2J) is an online community where NCJA members can ask questions, share ideas and network with colleagues. Use C2J to engage in discussions with other members and staff; browse and upload files to shared libraries; browse upcoming events and share your organization or agencies' events; and search for members.

Connect2Justice is also home to Connect2Grants a continually updated listing of open grant solicitations from dozens of funding sources, both public and private, all in one place. This catalog of grant opportunities ensures that NCJA members have access the most up-to-date listing of open solicitations specifically tailored to criminal justice practitioners. Connect2Justice also includes a calendar of events for justice professionals hosted around the country.

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Getting Started

NCJA members and those receiving members benefits must log in to the Connect2Justice website to:

  • Post discussions to the forums;
  • Upload files to the shared libraries;
  • Browse event calendars;
  • Search the member directory; and
  • Browse funding opportunities.

Logging in to the Website

Click the Member Sign In button in the top right of the website. Your username is the email address associated with your membership and default password is Password1. This is the same login you will use to access member content on the NCJA website (ncja.org).

Change your default password! Click here to reset your password.

Note: all users may view items posted to the C2J Open Forum.

Setting Up Your Profile Page

When you log in to the website, your profile picture (if you have added one) will appear in the top right of the website. Click the photo to access your profile page or view communities to which you are subscribed.

Adding Content to Your Profile Page

Click the Profile button to access your profile page. You can add a profile picture, bio, education credentials, job history, professional associations, honors and awards, and link to your social media accounts. You can import these items, including your photo, from a LinkedIn account (look for the LinkedIn icon just under the Social Links subheading on the left side of your profile page).

Connections, Communities, and Account Settings

You can also view your connections that you share with other members (My Connections), content contributions, (My Contributions), and configure privacy settings and email notifications (My Account).

C2J Communities

Connect2Justice is organized by communities. Each community on Connect2Justice has its own discussion forum, shared library, and event calendar. These communities are described below. 

  • C2J Open Forum. All NCJA members are automatically subscribed. Only community members can post content, and this content is publicly visible.
  • SAA Forum. Open to member SAAs. Only community members may post and view content posted to the community.
  • Governance Communities. Open to committee members and NCJA staff. Only community members may post content. Content posted to the Governance, Policy, and State JIS committees is visible to all users, while content for all other governance communities and the NCJA staff community is private.

Email Notifications for Discussion Posts

To receive email notifications when new discussions are posted to your communities, go to your profile age and click the My Account tab and select Community Notifications. (Note: in addition to community notifications, other messages may be sent to users. To configure notification settings for these messages, go to My Account > Email Preferences). 

Technical Assistance

Contact Janene Scelza, NCJA Web Manager, at jscelza@ncja.org